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Are CV’s still relevant in this modern age of instant communication?

Posted on Mon, 4 Sep 2017 00:00 by Richard Stone (for TRS UK)

The short answer is YES!  Even if you have a digital ‘footprint’ out there via a Facebook Account, a Twitter Feed, a LinkedIn Page, or even a personal Blog site, it is still important to have a good up-to-date CV.  This might sound blindingly obvious to many, but we've come across a surprisingly high number of CV's recently that are not good examples of a modern, well constructed CV.  These tended to be CV's from people who have worked in one sector for a long time, or they belonged to people who had not had to formally apply for a job in the past, because finding work was easy "back in the day".

So What Does ‘Good’ Look Like? 

Your CV is often your first ‘selling’ opportunity and it usually represents the first time an employer will see what you have to offer.  It therefore needs to be clear, relevant, and attractive to prospective employers which means how it looks and what it says, are vitally important.  Two key features of a modern CV are:

  1. It needs to state your key achievements and not just the duties you performed.  Achievements are the positive differences you made in your previous roles and these will be unique to you (duties won’t be).
  2. It needs to state what your best and most relevant skills are and these should be linked to your achievements.  We believe the three main skill categories are:
    • Technical Skills (e.g. those specific and specialised to your function).
    • Organisational Skills (e.g. project management, strategic planning, research etc).
    • People Skills (e.g. empathy, motivating others, leadership etc).

These T.O.P skills need to be relevant to the field or jobs you are applying for, so for Oil and Gas workers moving out of their Sector, you need to carefully consider what your key transferable skills are.  Transferable skills are those which are the most relevant to other sectors or industries and many of your skills will be transferable.  However, be careful if you’re thinking about using Industry Specific jargon that only other businesses in your industry would understand.  If you’re moving out of Oil and Gas into a new field, even one which is a closely related Engineering, Science or Technology field, you may still need to translate the way you name or define some of your skills and convert them into a language that other industries would recognise as relevant to them.

Showing Off Or Just Stating The Obvious?

We meet lots of people from many different backgrounds on our Career Management Workshops and we regularly hear someone say "I don't think I made a difference - I was only doing my job”.  Yet when we’ve asked them to tell their stories about work, it soon becomes clear that they did make a difference – they just couldn’t see it!  

An observant outsider might have seen that  …  you saved money, or you increased efficiency, or you made things safer, or you improved morale, or you brought new business in, or you thought up a new idea that made people’s lives easier. 

These are the kinds of stand out factors that employers are looking for in new staff.  They want productive people who can help improve their businesses.  Your CV therefore is usually the first calling card from you.  You need to present yourself as the stand-out candidate they need to see.  So please don’t see a modern CV as document for show-offs but rather as a means to present your best, most professional, most attractive image to a prospective employer.  They could have the kind of role you’d be brilliant at. Go for it!

Oil and Gas

If you are an Oil and Gas worker looking for work and you need more 1:1 support, or further practical guidance about your CV, or help about the best sectors that would fit you, there is a fabulous FREE resource available at all SDS Centres (Skills Development Scotland).  Their advisers are specially trained to assist you with careers information and guidance.  Some of the centres are happy for individuals to just drop in, whilst others will require appointments, particularly in the busier regions.  They are currently very active in the North East so please call into your local centre for more support.

There aren’t any limits as to how many appointments you can have, so do take advantage of this great resource on your doorstep.  Remember, all the service offerings are free.  To contact your nearest centre, check out the SDS site:

Visit them here:

Or contact them:

Please spread the news to people you know who are affected by the Oil and Gas Industry downturn that a new Portal is now open for anyone looking for work.  It is used by employers who specialise in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Manufacturing fields and they are looking for new people through that portal.  Because the portal is used by a wide range of businesses from Small and Medium Sized companies, to global industrial giants, there will usually be more employers looking for staff than posted vacancies - so please get your CV polished and updated on the Portal as soon as you can. The link is below.



Oil and Gas Portal - For Individuals

Posted on Mon, 1 May 2017 13:50 by Richard Stone


If you are a former Oil & Gas Worker or currently working in the sector and at risk of being made redundant, then this portal can help you.

The Oil and Gas Portal on the Talent Retention Solutions (TRS) platform is part of a government initiative to help you find work in other advanced manufacturing and engineering sectors and enable you to use your skills and experience in new career pathways. This is part of a wider programme that is designed to support the long-term attraction, retention and development of skills for Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing (STEM) companies.

There are now hundreds of companies looking for skilled people from the Oil and Gas Industry to join them and this new portal will help put you in direct contact with them. 

This service is FREE and registration is simple, safe and confidential:

  1. Once you have registered, you can search for jobs and apply directly to the companies that interest you. Employers will be able to see your profile and contact you. 
  2. There is no middle agency involved so all correspondence between you and the companies is private.

It takes just a few minutes to register and upload your latest CV by going through the “Employee Registration” button and following the prompts.  Please contact the TRS team if you have any difficulty at:

Click here to register:

Aberdeen Jobs Fair, March 2017

Posted on Mon, 1 May 2017 13:39 by Richard Stone

We had a timely opportunity to visit the North-East Employment Support Event in Aberdeen at the end of March, which was directed at oil and gas workers facing redundancy. 

The event at The Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre was organised by the Energy Jobs Taskforce and Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE), which includes both private and public sector partners. 

Around 800 people attended the event over a busy five-hour period and our stall was inundated by people looking for ideas, opportunities and advice about their career plans.  We met some amazing people, many of whom were extremely well qualified and experienced professionals from the Oil and Gas Industry and we were able to direct everyone we saw to our Oil and Gas Portal, which has been specifically designed for workers from this sector.

By registering on this portal, workers can begin searching for new career opportunities in the wider Science, Technical, Engineering or Manufacturing Sectors.  Thousands of employers use the site and every one of the people we met had valuable transferable skills that are in demand in other growing sectors of British Industry.

TRS are working closely with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, the Department of Work and Pensions, and Skills Development Scotland (who are part of PACE), to support the Oil and Gas Industry.

Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE) is the Scottish Government’s initiative dedicated to helping individuals and employers with the advice and support they need when faced with redundancy.

To register on the Oil and Gas Portal, please click here:

South North Sea 2015

Posted on Sun, 15 Feb 2015 22:25

South North Sea 2015

The most important conference for the offshore energy industry in the East of England. The Southern North Sea Conference 2015 will be the biggest conference and exhibition that EEEGR has ever delivered.

At SNS2015, key decision makers will gather to discuss and debate industry issues, network to make new business contacts and re-establish relationships with existing clients.

There is also a dedicated skills session on day 1 where you can hear what the current issues are in the industry. Please click here to read more

Exhibitor list -

Power Your Future

Posted on Mon, 2 Feb 2015 18:39


At catch, Stallingborough DN41 8TH

5th February 2015, 4:30 – 7:00pm

No need to book, all are welcome.

  • Opportunity to speak with Employers who are taking on Apprentices in 2105
  • Looking around in an ECITB approved training facility
  • Talk to Apprentices what is like to be an ECITB Apprentice
  • Talk to ECITB about Career Progression

For further information:

Selex ES Recruitment Event, 14th November 2014 2pm to 7pm

Posted on Mon, 27 Oct 2014 16:18

Selex ES Recruitment Event

Friday 14th November 2014 2pm to 7pm


We are pleased to inform you that one of our TRS companies Selex ES is holding a Recruitment Event on Friday 25th November 2014 2pm to 7pm.

If you like to work with experts in your field and you would like to work for a company that can offer challenging projects and world class technology in a modern working environment with benefits include career progression, flexible working hours and a company pension scheme, please register for this event at:

Jacobs Recruitment Open Evening, Thursday 25th September 2014 5pm to 8pm

Posted on Tue, 23 Sep 2014 12:06

Jacobs Recruitment Open Evening

Thursday 25th September 2014 5pm to 8pm


We are pleased to inform you that one of our TRS companies Jacobs is holding a Recruitment Open Evening on Thursday 25th September 2014 5pm to 8pm. 

If you are looking for a job in Engineering, Planning, Project Management, Construction Management or Operations, please visit them at Ryder Suite, Park Square, Birdhall Lane, Cheadle Heath, SK3 0 XF

Women in STEM - are you in or out?

Posted on Mon, 30 Jun 2014 00:41

Women in STEM - are you in or out?

Organisations come together to promote gender diversity in engineering, science and manufacturing

Professional organisations and engineering/STEM employers are coming together today (Monday, 30 June) to address the poor representation of women in engineering, science and manufacturing.  Alderman Fiona Woolf, CBE. The Rt.Hon The Lord Mayor of London will address delegates at the half-day Women in STEM Conference organised by Prospect and not-for profit organisations Talent Retention Solution (TRS), Women in Manufacturing and the Women’s Engineering Society (WES).

The Institute of Mechanical Engineers estimates that less than 7% of the 2.3 million engineers employed in the UK are female. At the same time, the UK faces a considerable skills gap in meeting the requirement for the estimated 2 million engineers required over the next decade (Source: Engineering UK). To help meet the future needs of the UK’s economy it is imperative that all available resources are mobilised, which includes women currently qualified as engineers or scientists and those aspiring to be engineers/STEM professionals. Today’s  event has been developed to bring together the many voices, organisations and initiatives keen to address the gender imbalance and find ways to tap into this huge talent pool to meet the UK’s requirements for a skilled workforce especially in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Commenting on the event, Alderman Fiona Woolf, CBE said:

“In answer to the question posed by today’s conference, I am most certainly IN!  I am proud to be the second female Lord Mayor in over 800 years....and I am proud to be a ‘woman in STEM”. 

The half day event incorporates a range of speakers and panel discussions from private and public sectors, including Dr Angela Gallop, Chief Executive of Forensic Access and Axiom International ltd, Professor John Perkins, Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department of Business and Innovation and Skills, and Fiona Jackson Head of Strategic Resourcing at EDF Energy. Danni Turnbull and Charley Hurley from the newly launched Women in Manufacturing in6iitaitive, will present the interim findings of a national survey focused on women returners, and Meg Munn MP for Sheffield Heeley will lead roundtable discussions with panelists Dawn Bonfield from WES; Sue Ferns from Prospect; and Richard Smith from TRS.

“Events like this help us to raise awareness of these key issues facing the economy and society.  To help the UK stay competitive we need to tap into all available talent and female engineers/STEM professionals have a key role to play,” said Richard Smith, Engagement Director for the Talent Retention Solution, the national skills and careers platform representing Manufacturing and Engineering sectors.


Attendees will be encouraged to network, share experiences and explore ways to work together to address these key issues affecting the UK economy.  

"Service Leavers": Your Economy Needs You!

Posted on Mon, 16 Jun 2014 12:04

"Service Leavers": Your Economy Needs You! 

"Service Leavers": Your Economy Needs You! event at the Royal Academy of Engineering was organised by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board in association with the Talent Retention Solution. To read more click here

Retaining Talent Safeguarding Skills

Posted on Mon, 16 Jun 2014 10:27

Retaining Talent Safeguarding Skills

TRS is the first UK wide platform dedicated to “Safeguarding Skills” across the engineering and manufacturing industry using one national system. The EEF through their partnership with TRS is promoting the service to their members read-more on page 15 of the EEF Insights

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TRS is currently at various stages of working with over 40 universities; others are expected to participate and promote TRS throughout 2013.

TRS has a growing network of employers who will progressively be using TRS to advertise their graduate and internship vacancies to view and apply for.


TRS is a new industry approach to working with UK Further Education Colleges and employers to support and promote the recruitment and retention of skilled people into UK advanced manufacturing and engineering (AME) jobs.
See current vacancies