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The MIA welcomes the Talent Retention Solution - a new system to retain highly-skilled UK engineering employees

Posted on Wed, 12 Oct 2011 13:23 by Motorsport Industry Association
The MIA welcomes the Talent Retention Solution - a new system to retain highly-skilled UK engineering employees images

At present, the demand for skilled engineers far exceeds supply. The new Talent Retention Solution (TRS) will complement existing commercial recruitment activity by, initially, creating a talent pool of skilled defence employees who need redeployment, says the British Government. This is a free service, to companies with fewer than 500 employees, created to retain highly skilled employees from defence, advanced manufacturing and engineering’

“This is excellent news for Motorsport Valley” said Chris Aylett, CEO of the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) this week, “Many motorsport companies are growing so fast, yet are held back, as they can’t find the high quality engineering staff needed to meet global demand for their products. The UK’s defence industry, facing significant cutbacks due to budget reductions, is host to some of the very best engineers in the world. I am sure they will add strength in depth to our world beating motorsport industry”.

The easy to use website, Talent Retention Solution (TRS), helps match skilled employees facing redundancy, with UK companies in growing sectors, such as motorsport and high performance engineering. TRS has government funding for set up costs, and, from January 2012, will then be fully funded by business subscriptions from larger companies.

Initially, it will connect highly-skilled, engineers from the defence sector, who are seeking redeployment , with those engineering companies who are recruiting.

TRS will become fully operational by January 2012, when over 1500 employers across the UK are expected to have signed up to the system, and it will provide live data broken down by skills and geography. The intention is to expand the scope of TRS to help redeploy skilled employees from across the UK’s advanced engineering sectors, becoming a particularly important tool where large scale redundancies are occurring. Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Nissan, Siemens, Airbus and EDF are already signed up to TRS.

Launching the Talent Retention Solution, Minister for Business and Enterprise Mark Prisk said:  "The defence sector makes a substantial contribution to the country’s skills economy through high value jobs...The easily accessible TRS system will play a vital role, ensuring  these skills are not lost , by redeploying highly skilled workers into fast growing sectors of advanced engineering”

The original feature was published on the MIA website and can be viewed here



TRS is currently at various stages of working with over 40 universities; others are expected to participate and promote TRS throughout 2013.

TRS has a growing network of employers who will progressively be using TRS to advertise their graduate and internship vacancies to view and apply for.


TRS is a new industry approach to working with UK Further Education Colleges and employers to support and promote the recruitment and retention of skilled people into UK advanced manufacturing and engineering (AME) jobs.
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