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TRS Finds New Commissioning Engineer for Fairfield

Posted on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 18:08
TRS Finds New Commissioning Engineer for Fairfield images

TRS Finds New Commissioning Engineer for Fairfield

Fairfield Control Systems Ltd is an SME based in Nottinghamshire, designing, developing and commissioning control systems for a broad spectrum of applications, including iconic projects for Tower Bridge; Wimbledon centre court retractable roof; The Palace of Westminster to mention only a few. 

Working within the high-tech, high value area of advanced manufacturing and engineering, Steve Fowles, the MD was an early user of TRS. He has found two excellent new employees so far, and is continuing to use it to further expand his workforce.  Pictured above is Steve with George Cassey, a Commissioning Engineer who is already establishing himself as a valued member of their team.



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